Acknowlegements from Prof Paul Haber and Dr Benjamin Riordan, lead authors of the Guidelines for the Treatment of Alcohol Problems (4th edition).

We would like to express our gratitude to members of the Steering Committee, Working Group, stakeholders, patients, and all other individuals who each contributed to these important Guidelines.

Specifically, we would like to acknowledge and thank the following people: Brennan Geiger, Sophia Little, Natalie White, and Daniel Winter, who have assisted with administrative and operational support throughout the duration of the project; Mira Branezac who provided invaluable assistance across several chapters in assisting with the review of the literature; Chris Marel and Kath Mills who provided helpful feedback and advice at the beginning of the project; Cliff Collard and Karina Clarkson who made key contributions to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples chapter, along with Donna Ah Chee, Kristie Harrison, Kylie Lee, Teagan Weatherall, James Conigrave, Craig Holloway and Martin Nean who contributed to understandings set out in this chapter. Suzie Hudson, Raquel Lowe, Robert Stirling, Joel Murray, Jack Freestone, Brandon-Leith Bear, Anastasia Volovets, Annalee Stearne, and Ali Cheetham who provided external peer review of the chapters and evidence review; and Paul Haber, Nicholas Lintzeris, Elizabeth Proude and Olga Lopatko, who were the lead authors of the previous version of these Guidelines.

Finally, our thanks also go to the Australian Government, who funded this project under the Drug and Alcohol Program.

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