Improving Treatment Connection, Satisfaction, and Effectiveness

Most sexuality and gender diverse people will be treated in a generalist service and have a right to effective treatment in a safe and supportive environment. Recommendations for culturally competent and inclusive practice centre on the affirmation and celebration, rather than tolerance and acceptance, of sexuality and gender diverse people2. Specific strategies for achieving this include:  

  • On intake forms, assessments and intervention support materials using the terminology sexuality and gender diverse people use to describe themselves  
  • Displaying visible markers of inclusion in patient areas and engaging in community events  
  • Identifying and promoting safe referral options for recovery and aftercare  
  • Understanding patients’ confidentiality concerns and being transparent and flexible around the collection and sharing of sexuality and/or gender identity  
  • Comprehensive policies and training and supervision for all staff on inclusive practice  
  • Seeking formal accreditation of LGBTI-inclusive practice and service delivery 
  • Presence of sexuality and gender diverse staff  
  • Links to local sexuality and gender diverse communities and organisations  
  • Clinicians developing knowledge of multiple and intersectional oppressions patients face and how social factors may contribute to alcohol use, and present a risk for relapse  
  • Clinicians recognising complex relationships with families of origin and the importance and relevance of non-biological kindship bonds for treatment and recovery and relapse prevention
Chapter Recommendation Grade of recommendation
17.16 Treatment services need research evidence on specific clinician- and service-level interventions to enhance cultural competence and inclusiveness for sexuality and gender diverse people in treatment GPP
17.17 Clinicians and treatment services should use reflection, action, and meaningful engagement with sexuality and gender diverse communities to ensure health care is culturally competent and inclusive GPP