Alcohol Use Disorders in Trauma and Injuries

AUD-related accidental and non-accidental injuries contribute to a significant proportion of emergency department attendances. Nearly one in five of all injury deaths and 1.4% of all disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) were attributable to alcohol consumption. Heavier drinking is associated with markedly increased injury risks. Younger people and males are particularly at a higher risk of violence and injuries related to alcohol misuse. AUD-related injury is not limited to people who drink but often involves those who do not consume alcohol. Screening for AUDs and problems using well-validated instruments such as the alcohol use disorders identification test (AUDIT) (see Chapter 4) should occur at the emergency and primary care level. Effective social policy to reduce harms can reduce alcohol-related morbidity and mortality from injuries. 

Chapter Recommendation Grade of recommendation
22.3 Screening and assessment for alcohol use disorders is recommended in hospital emergency departments and primary care using validated tools such as AUDIT. A